Why garments? Why not just say clothing? The garments made by Patten Creations are all unique in some way. That might be as simple as choosing the print, size, and inseam length on a pair of flannel pajama pants you snuggle into at the end of a long day. Or it might be working out all of the details from undergarments to trim for a one of a kind historical reproduction gown! No matter how simple or complex, the pieces produced will always be crafted with attention to detail and sewing quality.

Re-enactment & Cosplay

I have decades of theatrical costuming experience. Making garments for historical re-enactment, cosplay, LARP, and costumed events is one of my passions. You come with your own special vision. Together we will fine tune that vision into a piece, or set of pieces, that transports you to another time and place. With an eye to budget we work together to select fabric and trims, to determine how much of the construction can be modern and how much needs to be traditional techniques. Working with other artisans we can incorporate embroidery and other embellishments. We can even create animal or furry costumes if desired. Please note that due to legal constraints licensed characters may not be reproduced.

Theatrical Work

I have a degree in Clothing & Textiles: Fashion Merchandising and Design. Most of my elective work was theatrical courses. In addition to design and construction for the theatre (did you know that some blacks turn red under certain lighting?) there was a good deal of coursework including fashion history, show management, and costume inventory management. It isn’t enough to create a good looking and functional costume. For the theatre, a costume has to be ready where and when the actor needs it, dressers must be available to help with a quick change, all pieces must be accounted for at the end of a show, repairs made as needed, laundering and cleaning (or deodorizing between shows if time doesn’t permit cleaning), as well proper storage is used after the production is over. Over the past 35+ years I’ve kept my hand in.Since launching Patten Creations in 2010 theatrical work has taken a significant role in my calendar year. Whether you are looking for a single costume or someone to design, create, and manage a full show please don’t hesitate to contact me.


What life event is more memorable than a wedding? Every bride and groom has their own ideas on what will make their day perfect. Whether you are looking for vests for the gents in the party, a gown that is unique from everything on the rack, or have a special color in mind we can do that. Let’s chat!

Flannel Pants

Flannel pants – call them pajama pants, lounge pants, pyjamas, dorm pants, comfy pants, sleepy pants or any other name! Whatever you call them these luxuriously soft pants are going to become your favorite. Every season you’ll find a unique selection of fun prints to choose from. You select the print, size, and inseam. Need them extra long? Most prints can be made up to a 37″ inseam. Petite – yep they can be made shorter. Ready to shop? Just click here!